Organic Cotton Solid - Waffle Weave

Organic Cotton Solid - Waffle Weave
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100% natural dye-free organic cotton. A completely unique one of a kind fabric. This fabric is similar to the one you know and love as waffle weave. The difference? This one is handwoven, which makes it even more special! Made with 2/20 x 2/10 yarn in India. The mill it was produced in is carbon neutral meaning their electricity runs on solar power and they are selling the excess power back to the grid.

Our Organic Line features 4 layers of organic fabrics, with glass beads for fill weight.

How To Calculate Weight:  Total Body Weight x 10% (.10) + 1 pound.  Round up to the nearest pound.

(Example: 73 pounds x 10% = 7.3 pounds + 1 pound = 8.3 pounds rounded up to 9 pounds required for a blanket for a 73 pound child.)

*Heavyweight Blankets may require larger or industrial-size machines for laundering due to the bulk, size and weight.

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